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Tuna Fishing

Fishing with live bait. Tuna fishing boat stopped, baiting with sardines, mackerel or horse mackerel. And using a bait, a fresh bait or a live bait.

We call this technique: Brumeo. And depending on the time of year and weather conditions, it is an effective way to get tuna bites.


Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing in Marbella, Spain. Trolling is a fishing method which is based on dragging lures, whether natural or artificial. These last a thousand shapes and colors. It takes a species-appropriate gear to find and use, being naturally faster for large tuna and marlin, and more slowly so that the species is less, mackerel at the other end speeds. Usually classify coastal trolling when performed near the coast or where there is not much depth and height trolling when performed outside the coastline and large funds. Usually outriggers or line separators are used, in order to have the rods when fishing at different distances from the boat's wake and in several situations: in the wake just behind a little more open in what we call the first wave, even more open in the third wave of the wake... The technique adopted for the disposal of the rods is to custom and experience of the captain. We will practice generally deep sea fishing. We have the right boat, the right equipment and one of the best places to look for these giants. From the months of February to November, practicing deep sea fishing, big game, catch and release mainly between June 15 to October 15 (Veda bluefin tuna) and in most cases the rest of the year.


Enjoy our photos of Trolling Fishing and Brumeo Fishing: Pictures

Trolling Fishing

Giant Tuna

Giant tuna fishing takes place in the Strait of Gibraltar and the fishing season begins on June 16.

Once the season is closed, only catch and release will be practiced. .


Tuna is the dream of the sport fisherman, for his strength in the fight

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