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Bottom fishing

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It is always convenient to put one or two rods with a small live bait, small bream or, mackerel, etc.

With this way, we will get catches of dentelons, snapper, samas, grouper, conger generally.




In the bottom fishing we will obtain multitude of varied catches. With many possibilities of snappers, sea breams, scorpion fish, gallinetas, brecas, etc.

And if we are looking for fun, we will look for smaller species: serranos, bream, mackerel, jureles ....




Fishing with natural bait and deep in areas of gravel, where there are broken corals, loose stones and clearings of sand, we can find different species, but above all we will brighten the pandora fish.


Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is usually performed with stationary boat at anchor not get out of that place that we know has good stones, a cut at the floor, a sunken ship...

Sometimes not many, we fish "a rolo", without dropping anchor and drifting, wandering our baits for different funds, usually sand or mud to engage and not lose many leads. Thus drift is widely used in my area for catching bream and trevally.

When we fished at anchor, try to put baits thoroughly. Sometimes a simple rig with a hook, and low lead to fence (volatero) or along with several hooks called chambel and generally embodied with natural and fresh bait: Squid, sardines, crabs, prawns, shrimps...

Depending on the area and species to find, we feed with bait or another, crabs, razor shells and for gold and you steal, and also being especially attractive: sardines for bream, snapper, bream, dace....

The bottom fishing areas are rocky bottoms , where cracks , cuts or steep slopes of stones we guarantee that the catch are looking . From a few meters to over 100 meters.

To locate these funds rocks , corals, coral gravel , etc ... we have a team probe latest technology . Able to obtain readings in funds to 900 meters and with an incredible resolution generally low where we fish , ranging from 20 to 40 meters.

Also sandy areas between stones (pipes) are sought by the golden, or mud flats for bream. Bottom fishing is very diverse in species and generally ensures a fun day by the quantity and variety.

One way to be sure that occasionally a good piece, is to put a small bait fish you're fishing for horse mackerel, mackerel, maid, sea bream, etc ... with a stronger rig, nylon 60 and two hooks or jig. They get almost thoroughly and removed from the boat with a bottle or float, to avoid interference with fishing rods and bait and also to keep him away from the noise of the boat. Species that can surprise are haddock, bream, capitones, amberjack, sea bass...

In Marbella, fund 100 to 150 meters in what we call cut deep good wrasse, bream, conger and moray eels, dogfish and brótolas are captured. Fishing is a twisted thread of smaller diameter than monofilament nylon so that the current does not affect us so much and if there is little tide, bait can put a good looking piece.




Bottom trolling


A mixture of bottom fishing and trolling is bottom trolling. It is about putting the lures, whether natural or artificial, more depth than the sample alone would. To do this, we can use several systems : plomeadas lines pavaranes, downriggers ...

In our charter use with downriggers and lead wire rope (also we replace the lead by a large glider as the Z - wing) , which by means of a clip we hold the thread of the rod carrying the sample. With this system, our samples cycled between 14 and 42 meters, which are funds usually seek the catches.

Normally for convenience, artificial lures are used, choosing different brands , models and colors, depending on species that funds and pursue. As for the color, and despite this there are about a thousand tastes, I prefer to use colors that predominate in species that are predators and these baits in bright colors all the time.

On the other hand, if the minimum speed of your boat permits (no more than 3 knots), were fishing with live natural bait, which is more effective than fresh dead bait. A squid, cuttlefish, mackerel, horse mackerel, marlin, spit, either species used as bait is infinitely better than artificial

The depth to put the samples in my experience, is very attached to the bottom for grouper and haddock and not so close to bream, sea bass or yellowtail. Even if I accompanied, besides carrying cane samples from the bottom, I usually put another surface samples.


Enjoy our photos of Bottom Fishing catch, press: Fotos


Bottom Trolling

Denton, the most appreciated


Our boat is unique for this modality, as it has "trolling valve" (idle valve) in both engines. To make background trolling it is essential to achieve a minimum speed of between 1 and 4 knots so that live lures do not die and maintain a natural movement. This system allows us to regulate the speed of the boat to 0, that is, we can make 1 knot, 1,5, etc., up to the appropriate speed.


Trolling Valve


In addition we have downrigger and a wide variety of lures, marks and colors.


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